Knitted Birds 2019 Calendar

Some very exciting news! The RSPB have made this gorgeous 2019 Knitted Birds calendar, using 12 of the knitting patterns from my Knitted Birds book. Would you like a whole year of cute bird knitting patterns, along with a stylish, practical calendar to help you keep organised? Well, look no further!

Knitted Birds calendar 2019

The Knitted Birds calendar contains 12 fun and easy bird knitting patterns, from my book Knitted Birds, along with detailed instructions, templates, and beautiful full colour photos of the knitted birds to keep you company all the way through 2019. You can buy the calendar now from my Etsy shop. Happy to ship worldwide!

Knitted Birds calendar 2019

Knitted Birds calendar 2019

Knitted Birds calendar 2019

Spring time is nest time!

blackbird in nest knitting pattern

Spring is a busy time of year for birds – time for nest building, then eggs, and then hungry chicks to feed. Don’t forget to keep feeding your garden birds, even though the weather is getting warmer. They’ll appreciate the extra help at this hectic time of year!

Knitted David Bowie – Low

I have decided to slowly work my way through trying to knit David Bowie in all his album cover incarnations, and Low is a good place to start. This Bowie is a finger puppet – I’ve been enjoying playing around with knitted finger puppets this year and will definitely make some more Bowie puppets soon. If you fancy giving Low Bowie a home, there should be one in my Etsy shop.

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