Knitted Birds book


Knitted Birds is a big, glossy paperback, containing over 30 knitting patterns and instructions for all kinds of birds, along with information on the materials, tools and techniques you'll need. Whether you want to make a robin to perch on your Christmas tree, an owl to overlook your breakfast nook, or a whole family of ducks to decorate your desk, these beautiful birds are fun to make and display, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced knitter.

All birds are knitted flat on a single pair of needles. There's no knitting in the round or using four needles!

Patterns include:

  • a family of mallard ducks and ducklings,
  • song thrush,
  • blue tit
  • canada goose
  • blackbird family
  • mute swan and cygnets
  • a family of barn owls
  • avocet
  • lapwing
  • puffin
  • collared dove
  • magpie
  • oystercatcher
  • osprey
  • kingfishers
  • hoopoe
  • pheasant
  • snowy owls
  • woodpecker
  • robin
  • sparrow
  • seagull
  • raven
  • tufted duck

There's also patterns for eggs and nests!

Some birds have wire legs, and detailed instructions are included on how to make these, along with templates for beaks.

Knitted Birds is published by Search Press, and you can treat yourself to a copy from my Etsy shop! Free UK shipping is included.

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